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Given recent events relating to the the Covid-19 pandemic, as a group of concerned citizens who share an interest in community development, we have created this story-sharing platform We hope that it can inform communities everywhere about how to mobilise their local resources. Our interest is in responding with care, connectedness and creativity to the crisis that is unfolding before

This story-sharing platform is intended to enable local community groups and clubs around the world to tune-in and respond in their own locale to the new realities they now face. This crisis has prompted a radical new form of localism. We are eager to play our part in enabling and facilitating it. This story-sharing platform will support the many local initiatives that have already sprung up, as well as others that will follow. We want to help people around the world, community by community, to recognise and make use of local resources, knowledge and skills in response to this evolving pandemic.

Ours is a modest contribution. We do not expect, nor have the capacity, to host the stories of the world. Rather, we hope that local people, who care about the development of communities in their own areas, will take on the mantle and host their own versions of this platform in ways that are designed for and responsive to local need. To support this aim, we will provide all of the capability of this platform in an open-source format. As such, we have chosen story-capture and story-sharing tools that either can be deployed at low cost by local commissioners or can be hosted for free by those that already have the technical means to do so.

We would be delighted if you felt inclined to support this initiative by sharing a story of your own about what is going on right now in your own community. Equally, if you would like to explore how you might host your own local version of the platform or have the capabilities to further develop the idea, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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Created by Mark Upton, Al Smith, Jono Byrne, others. Node sponsored by Patient Critical Co-op

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